We supports payment in USD and other currencies via Paypal for Assurance order. And customers could see these payment methods available on the payment page. After you changed the currency, you will see your order total in your selected currency.
All other currency exchange rates are based on the exchange rate of US dollar, which may vary from the different payment methods and time.

Q1:How can I change the product price to my local currency?
A1:Please follow below steps to change the product price from US dollar to other currencies: 

Operate in PC:
Click Currency-USD button and choose the currency you prefer to view.

Operate in Mobile:
1. Click the menu.
2. Then click Currency-USD and choose the one you want to display in product price.

Q2:Which currency is more favorable for the price?
A2:We offers the exchange rate for supported currencies through our FX partners instand of the real-time exchange rate for order payment with non-USD currencies, so that you could see your local currency before you pay for it. We recommend you to pay for the order with USD.

Q3:What currency will be made if request the refund?
A3:Upon refund, it will be issued in your selected currency to your original account of the payment.

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