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After Sale Service

Thank you for purchasing from Bombusbee! 
We provide after-sale service for most of our items sold.

Request replacement part/Return here: 

Bombusbee After Sale

Check out the process of your request here:
After Sale Process

Please check out the item once you recevied and submit the request asap if you found any defect on it. 
Replacement parts will usually arrive in 15-25 days.


Some Brand prefer to handle the after-sale themselves, here are links for them:

Threezero Toys: Threezero Warranty
Yolopark: Please email to [email protected]


To make it clear and smooth, here's a note for you when you submit your replacement part. 
Please update at least 2 pictures for the following information: 
1. a pictures of the whole figure with defect part circled, 
2. a close view of the defect part. 

The Newage figure I received is missing the waist armour.
You can see in the first picture, the waist armour on the right side is missing.
It's no broken. 


Some of the brands may be observing the Lunar New Year holiday and may resume operations in March. Please refer to the following reference dates for specific brand availability




Jan 26

Tunshi Studio

Feb 24

CCS Toys

Feb 2


Feb 2

Dream Star Toys

Feb 3


Jan 27

Black Mamba

Jan 26

Mithril Action

Jan 28


Jan 31


Jan 29


Feb 2

Siyang Culture

Feb 3

Ming Jiang Zhuan

Feb 5

TFC Feb 2
Trumpeter Feb 2
Hiya Feb 1
MMC & Ocular Max Feb 1
Fans Hobby Feb 1
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