2023 Winter Sale

2023 Winter Sale

Dear friends, 

Our Winter Sale is from 11.24 - 12.7, here are the details of the event for everyone! 

Coupon Details: 
$65 usd for order over $900【23WINTER900】
$40 usd for order over $600【23WINTER600】
$18 usd for order over $300【23WINTER300】
$12 usd for order over $200【23WINTER200】
$7 usd for order over $150【23WINTER150】
$5 usd for order over $100【23WINTER100】

*There are no usage limits on the above coupons*
For every order over $150 usd, we will ship it with a free gift, the link below leads to the details of the gift. You will get 1 of 9 randomly, if you prefer any specific one, please leave us a note, but if it's out of stock, we might have to send another one instead: 


 We invite you to take advantage of these exciting offers during Wintersale at Bombusbee. 
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