Bombusbee Photo Prime!,Overview

Bombusbee Photo Prime!

Bombusbee Photo Prime!

With Bombusbee 1st anniversary coming up and we would like to thank our fans who have been supporting us, so we hold this event
#BBBPhotoPrime for everyone to share their toys and have a chance to win a prize!

Event times: 
May 16, 2022 - June 10, 2022

How to submit your picture: 
1. Take any pictures about any transformation toy or action figures.
2. Share them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
@Bombusbee and clarify the group (#transformationtoy or #actionfigures) in your post.
4. Bombusbee repost your post, then this post will be considered as successful submitted.
5. We will count the likes on our repost, the picture with the most likes will won the prize for different group joined:
- DST02 for who share
- Mowu Technology Asmodeus for who share #actionfigures

1. If a picture was posted on both 3 social media, we will only count the post with the highest number of likes. 
2. 1 post could only join 1 group at a time.
3. Multiple posts with same content will be considered as 1, we will only repost the first one.

The final interpretation of this event belongs to Bombusbee

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